Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sunday we went to Lincoln because Mark had some side-work to do. We had lunch and spent the afternoon with John and Aryls. The road trip wasn't too bad. Lexi just isn't the traveler Kailey is/was! I guess this week we will continue to work on that! Kailey had a great time entertaining Uncle John outside. Kailey had her Dora bike along. Her bike has a compartment she has rock in from Dad's house. So Kailey and John traded Nebraska rocks for Missouri rocks. In a conversation about times that we pray with Aryls, Kailey decided that its a Nebraska thing to pray in the morning. In Missouri, we pray before bed and at meals. Both Kailey and Lexi enjoyed Aryls' collection of birdhouses. Kailey, the budding decorator, re-arranged all of the birdhouses for Aryls. Thank you John and Arlys for a wonderful meal. It was great to see you.