Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Great Journey East Entry 2

Day 2.
Playing at Grandma Connie's. Grandma Connie has great toys that she saved from when Mark and AmyJo were little. We went to visit Great Grandma. Had dinner with Uncle Marlin and Aunt Cherie. Saw Uncle Terry, Aunt Bert, and Cousin Bret.

The Great Journey East Entry 1

Day 1.
We traveled from Dad's to Grandma Connie's. We were going there anyway, but now we had to pick up Tyler. Connie took him home with her for 10 days so I could recover. The girls did great! We were traveling about 6 hours.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A trip to the ER

So Thursday night I started having this stomach pain I have had before. An continuous pain on the left side if my belly, like right under my rib. It always confuses me in the beginning, making me think I'm hungry. So I ate something, slept a little, and woke up. The pain was getting worse and just wouldn't go away. So called Mark, in North Carolina, and decided I was going to the ER. I had never gone when I had the pain.

I had kinda thought I'd drive myself and let my friend stay with the kids. But her version of the story is that I was 'doubled over in pain in the driveway.' I was waiting outside and sitting on the back bumper of the car. I called another friend and my neighbors. The neighbor girl stayed with the kids and Melissa took me to the ER.

Once back in a room, they decided to do a CAT scan and an ultrasound. The CAT scan confirmed my gall stones and I was invited to stay. It was about 4 am that our ER par-tay was coming to a close and I was wheeled upstairs. I asked to go to the Birthing Center because it's nicely remodeled and has awesome showers. But the said I couldn't. Bummer!!

Around 7am Friday, I had another ultrasound (cha-ching) of my gall bladder and saw my stones. A nice pod of like 5 stones...those were what we could see. My awesome Doc came to visit and with our move schedule she was pushing to get me on the surgery schedule for the day. She joked that this wasn't the ideal 'last visit'. Surgeon came and I was on deck for 5 pm. So I waited and had some great visitors until Mark was able to make it back.

Word came that the surgeon was running late and finally went down to prep about 6:45 pm, only to wait a little more. I stop remembering things about 8ish as the happy medicine was taking affect.

I have some wonderful battlewounds and great pictures of my gall stones and my gall bladder before it came out.
I have some good pain as the incision around my belly button ended up a little bigger than expected.

Now to recover and prepare for the packers.