Monday, March 23, 2009


I went to look something up in another Bible here at Dad's and went to one of Mom's Bibles. I opened it and a card was holding the page. This is the card. I needed it today, maybe someone else does too.

The Christian is guarded on all sides by the Lord.

He :

surrounds us (Psalm 125:2)

is above us (Deut. 4:39)

is underneath us (Deut 33:27)

is before us (Exodus 13:21)

is with us (Isaiah 41:10)

is for us (Romans 8:31)

is near us (Psalm 145:18)

is in us (Psalm 33:18)

eye is on us (Psalm 33:18)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fun Outside

Its been two months since my last post. Sorry about that. I have thought about it, but haven't made the time to do it. Lexi is coughing this weekend, and actually upstairs trying to go back to sleep, so this will be short. Both girls hit milestones this week. Lexi will be 16 months and Kailey turns 4 1/2.