Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

 Well, Christmas has come and almost gone. Girls not staying in bed...still spinning from the fun couple of days and the excitement of Christmas. We went to Barbee ("Papa's church") for Christmas Eve candlelight service and a special Children's Christmas "Interactive" Service. It was pretty neat. [My letter that comes between J and L and also beings my first born's name isn't functioning on my *eyboard tonight.] The children that came were given costumes to participate in the reading of a special version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas with the nativity. As you can see the girls were angels. We open presents with Papa and Jason & *atie after church. Then there was a late night for Mom and Dad as we prepare everything....and our message from Santa said he wanted grilled cheese sandwich with his coo*ies and chocolate mil*. Girls wo*e up this morning excited and presented were opened. *ailey's highlight was the Lego house which she spent nearly 4 hours putting together with the guidance of Jason and Mar*. Lexi's highlights are the Strawberry Shortca*e remote control car, which will run you over, and the zhu zhu pets trac*. Well, just wanted to get a few pictures posted for you to enjoy. Merry Christmas!