Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Captiva Island

Mark left again on Sunday, and I had plans to leave Wednesday for a trip to Captiva Island, FL. Luckily, Grandma Connie was able to stay with the girls. A friend of mine, Paula, turned 50 and decided she wanted to go on a trip and get as many as she could to go with her. I was the youngest allowed. Paula and I have a special friendship because of our common loss....our Mom's to ALS. I met Paula in Omaha, but she's from a small town near ES. We have both left Omaha, almost the same time, which is probably good as to not leave the other there.

There were 8 of us, Paula, 3 of her relatives, and her bff from growing up, her sister, and Tabitha and me.
On the trolley, is Ann and me, and Paula, Cara, and Ellen.

Mark's Graduation

So, in the middle of a busy travel time, Mark had to fly home to graduate....and then leave the next day! He walked, meeting the requirements as graduation only happens once a year. He is in the middle of one class, and then has one more class to go. Boy, are we ALL ready for classes to be over!

So here's the proof! Brian, is a SBU friend, who also works for the University of Phoenix. He came to find Mark, so there was "another" person to verify Mark's graduation.

More with Lucy

Pictured with the girls (oh, by the way, this was shortly after Lucy sat on Lexi) is Andrew, the Lucy's owner. We had Lucy until Tuesday evening.