Monday, March 23, 2009


I went to look something up in another Bible here at Dad's and went to one of Mom's Bibles. I opened it and a card was holding the page. This is the card. I needed it today, maybe someone else does too.

The Christian is guarded on all sides by the Lord.

He :

surrounds us (Psalm 125:2)

is above us (Deut. 4:39)

is underneath us (Deut 33:27)

is before us (Exodus 13:21)

is with us (Isaiah 41:10)

is for us (Romans 8:31)

is near us (Psalm 145:18)

is in us (Psalm 33:18)

eye is on us (Psalm 33:18)

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John N said...

We do have an awesome HELPER. Thanks for the reminders.
A & J
Lincoln, NE