Monday, May 25, 2009

Adventures with Lucy

So you saw the title and said to yourself, "WHO IS LUCY?" Lucy is a black lab that is about 8 months old. She came to stay with us Friday night at 10 pm, when Ronald dropped her off. Most of you know our good friends Ronald and Margaret. Their son, Andrew, has acquired this dog, and it needed a place to stay this weekend. Ronald did his best "sell" on the deal, and left hoping he didn't have to return to pick up Lucy Tuesday (meaning we are keeping her). He handed us a bag of food and a leash and took off.

Mark and I started coming up with a place for her to sleep. We decided on using the play-yard for kids. We can make it into a circle and it would contain her. It lasted about two seconds and we watched her jump out of it. Plan 2, our bathroom. We can shut the door to the shower, and contain her between our room and the shower. While working on that, she pooped in our bedroom....on one of our pillow! Then we get her in the bathroom and she poops, AGAIN, on my bathroom rug. While we are cleaning, Mark decides he's not cleaning the rug, but promises to buy a new one. (Are you seeing where this is going?) So we decide to keep her outside. Well, Andrew has been allowing Lucy to sleep in bed with him. After thinking about it, Mark brings up Grandma Vera's pink wing backed chair. We draped a sheet over it and now she has a chair to sleep in. However, there hasn't been much sleeping...Friday night or last night, but maybe (we are hopeful) tonight. This morning, she decided she was tired of waiting for us this morning and decided to jump the fence. We figured it out about 8:15 am, and Mark was out in the car looking within 5 minutes. He finally found her around 10 am. The day went fine...Lucy's happy because she got time in the house, until the girls and I got home from an errand, and Lucy met us in the driveway. I'm not sure where she jumped from...we blocked the place we knew about. So she's on a leash tonight, outside, in her chair, sleeping, and not barking. It might be a good night here at the Morgans.

We walked tonight-- Kailey rides her bike, and here's my view.

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