Monday, August 3, 2009


I just realized it is August 3rd! No wonder my Aunt Ruth said she had not heard from us for a while! I started a post one day, and (big surprise) got distracted! I also did find a new program for writing blogs and publishing. Maybe I figure that out one day! So I have some back posting to do, and lots of pictures to share. Kailey is growing and changing so much! We got the info for her new preschool on Thursday. She started September 8th. Its an Extended Day program (9:15-1:15), and I think it will help equip her better for kindergarten next year. And maybe a better transition for Lexi adjusting to Kailey not being around again. Lexi learned how to put her shoes on today. She was so excited she didn't want to take them off!

We were with Jason and Katie for the weekend. They moved into their new house. We owed Jason help...and help the next time, and the next time. The weekend was not free from challenges, the biggest one being sleep! We have taken Lexi's side of the crib off, because she was starting to climb out and didn't want her to get hurt. So that posed the problem of what do we do with Lexi sleeping? We got Jason's air mattress and used sleeping bags. 2 Big Girls!

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