Saturday, April 17, 2010

Have you wondered about us?

You're probably thinking, "What is going on with those Morgans? I haven't seen a blog in ages!" Well, me too. It has been a while, and there has been plenty going always. Our biggest news, if you don't already know by now, is that there is a Morgan #3. He/She is due September 20th, and if you follow birthdays like my mom did, you know that Kailey's birthday is the next day. I am actually due on 9/20 for the second time. Not sure how one manages that....Tuesday we have our first sonogram and hopefully will find out what our third child will be. We are all just praying for healthy, and don't really have strong feelings either way. Well, I say that, but Mark wants a boy, but we are happy either way. I have two reasons for a boy as of Thursday. 1) A boy wouldn't make Lexi so much a middle child, as a girl would. 2) Mark can finally have the chance to take a child to the bathroom 4 times in one meal at a restaurant.

Kailey has about a month left of preschool! We have been to kindergarten round-up. So she got to see the school and a little bit of it. She is signed up for summer school, a transition to K program. But we are having to wait to see if the state is funding it or not. She has recently learned her address and phone number.
Lexi is in an independent stage. I think learning to potty in the potty, which by the way, is a froggy potty, has sent her over the edge. She wants to do most things by herself and its us being patient with her (which can be hard for Mommy). There are tantrums. There is crying. But we are all learning how to make it better and understand what it is she wants. She is doing pretty good at the potty, even out and about. She really doesn't like to wear pull-ups, but you can talk her into them at naptime and bedtime with her panties over them.
Well, my time is over. I have to go give baths....more to come. Sooner, rather than later, I promise.

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Jenny said...

I am sooo excited about your boy news. Having 2 boys in a row and then getting my girl, I understand your excitement! So fun!