Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm struggling this morning

I'm really struggling this morning. I have many things things to complain about, or at least I think I do. And at the root of it all is that I feel like I have to get it all done! I am trying to re-establish a much needed routine of getting out of bed and work in my Bible Study first thing in the morning. Oh man! I can just feel Satan trying to get me down because of it! Oh and does he LOVE a dramatic Sunday morning trying to get to church! He pulled out all the stops this week! But we made it and so glad we did! Words that I needed to hear. And back to today, I went for my SuperMom cape and realized it wasn't going to be enough for the day. But maybe the Armor of God will be.

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Faith said...

I hear ya, I certainly have days like that. Saying a prayer for you and sending hugs your way!