Saturday, October 22, 2011

A story for your Sunday

As Kailey was getting ready for bed tonight, she sat in her bed looking through one of her Bibles we unpacked this week. I was excited she was looking at it because it was more at her reading level (but it's a Bible-I know- I should just be excited that she was investigating it on her own.)

She asked if this Bible had, 'You know, like 1st Kings and 2nd Kings.' I responded that I thought it was more of a story Bible than one with the books in it. I asked her if she wanted one with books in it because I had just found one that I had set aside for her when she was ready. I found my Precious Moments Bible at the same time I found the story Bible. I handed it to her and we checked it out for 1st and 2nd Kings. It passed the test.

She told me that at church, they look for the 'contents' and find the book they need. If they need help, then the teachers will help them. She was excited to take this Bible with her to church tomorrow. Priceless.

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