Thursday, November 3, 2011


Our Halloween was a bit different this year. Yes, partially for the obvious reasons--we are somewhere new. But also because it rained! It started raining around 3, as Mark and were heading to Kailey's conference. [More later.] The girls were very excited to go trick-or-treating and were very disappointed when it started raining. Thankfully, one of our neighbors came to the rescue. They had everyone over and the neighbor kids were able to see each other's costumes. The Dad came up with an idea for trick-or-treating as they had begun to see some braving the rain. They cleaned out their van and put seats down. I think 9 kids (and 3 moms) piled with rain coats and ponchos in very excitedly. We'd spot a group of houses and I'd open the door and the kids would run out and up to the door. What a blast!

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