Friday, September 25, 2009

Kailey's birthday party

Kailey's birthday party with her friends was Saturday night. We had 9 girls and Kailey (=10 girls!). Yikes! We had friends from the 'hood (neighborhood), from new preschool, old preschool, and soccer. I came up with this idea to make pillowcases for the girls to decorate. It was easy and it was hard. The easy part was sewing three basic seams. The hard part was figuring out the fabric, the markers that we could use, and the blanket silky that I thought would look great on the end! I'll start the party pics with some of the pillowcases being decorated. I think I have heard that most of the girls went home (oh yeah, they came in their PJ's) put their pillowcases on and crashed!

We also did a chocolate fountain, which Jason was in charge of, and pedicures...Thanks to the help of Katie and Renee! After presents and cake, we ended the night with some Phineas and Ferb, one of Kailey's favorite cartoons.

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