Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kailey's weekend with Ted/Ted's brother

Kailey's preschool class has a class mascot, Ted. I get a little confused on some of the finer points, but Ted's brother gets to visit the kids and go on "adventures" with them. Then the kids have to "write" in the journal what the adventures were. So Kailey's turn was this weekend, and here are our pictures with Ted's brother. She was pretty cute Friday before we left for school as she was realizing it was going to be her turn to bring Ted's brother home. She told us, "I get to sleep with Ted's brother tonight!"
Pictures are Katie, Kailey and Ted's brother at church
Kailey, Pastor Dan and Ted's brother (We went to church @ Papa's church Sunday.)
Kailey's birthday party friends, these were the ones around when we realized we had not taken a picture with Ted's brother yet.
Emerie and Kailey at FunRun with Ted's brother.
Kailey and Ted's brother at Chick-fil-a.
Jason, Kailey, and Ted's brother at the Wabash BBQ.

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John N said...

Are Ted and Ted's brother the same mascot?
Uncle John N