Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

So here I sit on New Year's Eve, Kailey and Lexi up playing with friend Emerie, waiting for Mark to return with fresh milk (our's was spoiled) and in the midst of mac-n-cheese. I have been pondering my new years resolutions the last couple of days. I haven't had "resolutions" per say the last year or two. But this year, my resolutions are things that need to happen and hopefully making them a resolution will help my follow through.
Resolution #1--implement and have a meal plan. [I have started this...with a meal calendar idea I got from here using google calendar, which I already use!]
Resolution #2--Be better at blogging and technology. I need to keep up with the pictures of the girls for my readers....
I think those are good resolutions, and attainable. Which leads me to wonder, do we make resolutions just to last a month or the full year? And are there people that have success the full year with their resolutions?
Many blessings for a prosperous 2010!

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