Saturday, January 2, 2010


One of our favorite cartoons is Olivia. You can learn more about her here and here.

The funny thing about Olivia is how real the cartoon is. The things Olivia says are things that could come right out of Kailey's mouth, with the exception of formulating the "Rules of Life". The "Rules" are my favorite thing about the show. Olivia does have a little brother and sometimes the rules are about her little brother. Now Lexi's best part of Olivia, while she does like the cartoon too, she can hit the "high" note at the end of the theme song.

Olivia's Rule of Life #3: If you're going to sit next to a little brother eating spaghetti, you better wear a raincoat.
Olivia's Rule of Life #19: Sometimes you just have to use your big voice.
Olivia's Rule of Life # 21: Little brothers don't know anything about being a Mommy.
Olivia's Rule of Life #34: Sometimes your lucky tights are luckier than you thought. 
Olivia's Rule of Life #52 If your mom is having a baby and she asks you whether you want a brother or a sister, that does not mean you're really going to get the kind you ask for.Olivia's Rule of Life #111: No matter what planet your brother is from, he's still going to have bad manners.

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