Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mommy Money

We use "Mommy Money" here at our house. Yes, its bribery. But sometimes, necessary.
The website is difficult to find, so here is the link. I'll add more later and our "Mommy Money". My pictures are not on my laptop here because it crashed this week and they are on our external hard drive. But maybe that's a better place for them.....,59


Jenny said...

What do they get to do with Mommy money?

Our Family said...

Jenny-It's just Kailey right now. The list is $20 for a friend to spend the night, $25 for a new toy, $30 to go to a movie, $35 for a pedicure, $40 to go to Kaleidoscope.
Mark and I have been discussing it and might change it up so same items don't get picked every time. She would get a pedi every time if we let her.