Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween and Trunk or Treat

We had to great creative with our Halloween costumes this year. For school, Kailey had to be a "storybook" character and bring the book. We spent a lot of time this summer reading books from the library, especially Eloise. Eloise is a 6 year old girl that lives at the Plaza Hotel. Kailey and Lexi have enjoyed the books and a movie we found on the Disney channel. So we had the idea to be Eloise for Halloween. Shirts were found. Shoes bought by a fill-in Grandma "Mor-Mor" and shirts made by Grandma Connie....who did a wonderful job!
We took our Eloise idea a little bit further...BMPC's 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat event. (A trunk or treat is where people gather in a parking lot and decorate their trunks and hand out candy. They are a big hit because they are a safe alternative to door-to-do  trick or treating. We had a great time in our "Plaza Hotel". I've not heard totals from church. However, I would say I handed out over 300 pieces of candy. Our red carpet didn't work with the traffic flow....
 We had special friends join us. This is Molly, the princess bride, in the middle. Molly lives in Florida, and came to spend the week with her family and Mor-Mor, her real Grandma. We had so much fun having them around to play.
"Mor-Mor" was lined up because last year it was SO COLD and WINDY!! This year was BEAUTIFUL!! So she came to church to hold and love on Tyler. Thanks Mor-Mor!

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