Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kailey's Birthday

Wow! I'm really behind! I'll try to catch you all up. I know my extended family enjoys reading and seeing the girls. I'm trying to keep up! Kailey is 6! I can hardly believe it. Oh, I haven't done first day of school yet, either! ok, one at a time. So much has happened since the day Kailey was born. She is very kind and compassionate (we believe she acquired the compassion trait from helping take care of Mom.) While she does have a few really good friends, she is a good friend to many. She is starting to show some leadership characteristics at school. She knows the answer to most questions her teacher asks. Her teacher will call on her when no one else knows the answer because she will not boast about answering.

We had two birthday parties for Kailey. One was a family party, and one with her friends. One of the things she wanted was her "WHOLE" family together. Well, she got it mostly...we didn't get Uncle Darrel. She was pretty excited to have Aunt AJ around for a couple of days, as well as Grandma Connie, and Jason, Katie, and Papa.

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