Monday, May 28, 2012

Crazy things parents will do

I'm sure there are things that parents do to make memories for their kids. The 'I can't believe I just paid money for that' phrase is coming to my mind. I wonder what crazy things my parents did...Dad, remember to tell me. So Saturday, topped our 'Crazy List.'

We went to Carolina Beach (the Saturday of a 3 day weekend, not our smartest idea). It was very busy, and very windy. I think Beryl is to be thanked for the wind and the waves. We had a great time playing in the sand (L& T), jumping waves (K), and enjoying our friends.

After the beach, we decided we still wanted to do something. So we decided to explore the waterfront area of Wilmington. While driving thru, we saw a sign or a pirate tour. We parked and walked to the sign to check it out. We asked some people about it who said the guy was good and we should do it. Being next to the waterfront, we assumed it was a boat tour....

Had some time to kill, so we found a pizza place to eat. All the kids wanted to know about was, 'how long until the pirate tour?' We get thru dinner and walk back to find our pirate. Find him we did. Our 'tour' is a WALKING tour. No boat. $10/adult, kids 12 & under free. So, $30 to walk with the pirate while he tells us pirate stories. After much discussion among the adults, Mark approached the pirate guide for a 'shortened' tour at a discount. So, $20 to walk along the riverfront and listen to a man tell us pirate stories because that's what they wanted to do.

After hearing the stories, which we all learned something about the pirates and the Cape Fear River, we realized how good with the kids he was. The stories were captivating and he kept the kids attention. At just the right time, we'd walk again.

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