Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm a Mom, not all of us superheros wear capes

I know that I am not a supermom, nor will I ever be. One night on a trip to Michael's with Margaret, Kailey finds a Strawberry Shortcake cake mold and announces this is what kind of cake she wants for her birthday. Margaret said she can do that. I was thinking that was a great idea! UNTIL, Margaret starts bringing me things for this cake. I got the specific food coloring, icing bags, tips, etc. So Thursday, I started. I started with cupcakes and practiced my icing abilities. Kailey and I make buttercream icing. Friday, I made a Duncan Hines cake. And I decorated until 11 pm Friday night. Here's the process.

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Fellows News said...

Stacey - Great job on the cake! I love cake decorating and it is never as hard as we make it look! It is just time consuming and takes a steady hand! Good going!